Expert Services

Savina Consulting's team provides a wide array of testifying and consulting services that are critical to attorneys and their clients when trying to resolve a dispute. We partner with both public and private sector organizations and counsel for both plaintiffs and defendants. Examples of these services include the following:

Examples of Litigation Support Services
  • Interview key managers and executives
  • Conduct and interpret adverse impact analyses
  • Conduct validity analysis
  • Analyze performance evaluation ratings
  • Analyze cutoff scores on assessment devices
  • Examine the fairness of job posting systems
  • Analyze the fairness of recruiting methods
  • Determine eligibility for exempt status in FLSA cases
  • Provide deposition and trial testimony
  • Assist attorney in preparing for depositions of opposing experts

Lawsuit Avoidance  READ MORE >
  • Identification and implementation of preventative measures
  • Retrospective job analysis and validation
  • Analyses of decisional processes
  • Statistical targeting of remedial measures
  • Assistance with responses to government inquiry (i.e., OFCCP audits, EEOC investigations)

Expert Witness Services  READ MORE >
  • Report preparation
  • Testimony
  • Discovery assistance
Application of Work Psychology  READ MORE >
  • Identification of central case issues from work psychology standpoint
  • Fully integrate statistical and anecdotal analyses
  • Educate counsel and/or court on work psychology methodologies
  • Identification of requisite knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics required for the position in question (i.e., job analysis)

Statistical Services  READ MORE >
  • Data collection
  • Data automation and pooling
  • Complex statistical analyses

Anecdotal Services  READ MORE >
  • Document collection, review and analyses
  • Fact investigation and integration
  • Literature canvassing and collation
  • Analysis of 'similarly situated' assertions in class action lawsuits

Expert Witness Assistance  READ MORE >
  • Daubert challenges
  • Deposition assistance
  • Identifying experts in other areas